New Rome
New Rome is a font that came from Ancient Rome in a modern form, deceiving the unhurried viewer with its openness. Letting the signs get closer, the danger of cutting yourself increases, and if you come close, you will instantly find yourself in thorns. Although the font is quite static for modern forms, it sometimes surprises with its boring, dynamic proportions.
To purchase a commercial license, select the current number of employees of the licensee. If you increase the number of employees in the future, you do not need to buy anything more. All the usual ways of using it are already included:
1 employee
Single style
Up to 15 employees
Up to 100 employees
Up to 250 employees
Up to 500 employees
Number of employees
If your company has more than 500 employees and/or you need an accurate calculation, write to us to discuss the terms of the license: